Comment Policy & Guidelines

We encourage your routine, thoughtful and constructive comments about all of the content at J.P. Moreland’s website.

Posting a comment is not a right but a privilege. If you think it is a right, then you have a sordid view of freedom and entitlement (read relevant parts in Kingdom Triangle to understand the distinction between classical and contemporary views of freedom).

J.P. Moreland or Eidos Christian Center are free to reply to comments through whatever communication means they wish and they are free to ignore comments as they see fit. Posting a comment does not guarantee a response from them. Absence of comment does not mean that they have not read a comment or have not adequately considered its meaning and significance. But due to Dr. Moreland’s schedule and family commitments (he has four grandchildren now!), he has adopted a general policy not to comment on things online unless there are significant overriding reasons to do so.

In order to help facilitate civil communication, the following policy and perspective will be enforced.

  1. All comments must be encouraging and for the purpose of edification, even if they are “critical” comments meant to question or challenge what someone thinks or believes (read The Lost Virtue of Happiness for the importance of having a healthy background tone to our lives).
  2. A comment will not be posted, and either deleted or asked for a revision, if it is
    • Loquacious
    • Off-topic from a post/page's focus.
    • Contains profanity, vulgarity, or harsh or demeaning speech.
    • Attacking someone’s character instead of dealing with the merit of a claim.
    • Exercising guilt-by-association reasoning or exhibiting conspiratorial thinking to any degree (brush-up on your reasoning by reading the chapter on Logic in Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview).
    • A comment that is better handled by private communication due to the sensitive nature of the topic.
  3. Usage policy: By commenting at the website, you are giving J.P. Moreland and the Eidos Christian Center global permission to present, utilize, and duplicate your remarks, however they wish to do so without end (on the basis of an A-theory of time and the endurance of personal identity through time).