J.P. Moreland's Passion

My fundamental life-commitment, the very reality that drives me on a daily basis, is increasingly to fall in love with the Triune God, to bring honor to Jesus Christ and make him famous among the nations, and to become like him in attitude and action.  Under the power of the Spirit, I want to lead a victorious Christian life and experience a Christ-honoring, vibrant death.

The fundamental means by which these life goals are achieved revolve around making progress in what I have summarized as the “Kingdom Triangle,” and to do so in community with other friends, brothers and sisters: This involves:

  • Cultivating the life of the mind:  It is important to know what one believes and why one believes that way. It is crucial to learn how to think as a Christian throughout the whole of life in a Christ-honoring way.  While the Bible is not a philosophy text, still, it embodies a worldview, including implications for metaphysics, epistemology, value theory, and other areas, and my goal as a disciple is to honor Jesus Christ in my worldview thinking in which there is no distinction between secular and sacred.
  • Flourishing the life of a tender, non-judgmental, loving and joy-filled heart, centered in biblically-informed spiritual formation, the practice of spiritual disciplines, and a constant invitation from God to co-labor with Him in accessing my heart and its current state.  I want to be a winsome, non-defensive, courageous witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to do so with a heart of agape love.
  • Attending to the supernatural life of a disciple of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of God, in which I learn to grow in seeing answers to prayer, the sick healed, the demonic addressed appropriately, and words of knowledge, prophecy, and wisdom flowing through me for the edification of others.

All three values are to be done in the context of a priority on developing close friends in the body of Christ and serving alongside brothers and sisters in a local church.

The “Kingdom Triangle” is not the Gospel, but it does offer good news for those whose identity and way of life are defined and nurtured by the Gospel of God’s Kingdom, the proclamation of saving life, redemption, power, forgiveness and grace in Jesus Christ.

My website is an an open invitation to come and know a little more about my life and fundamental life-commitment through my writing and perspective. It is by no means a complete portrait, but I hope that my website will become over time a central place to consider my writings so that more people might effectively appropriate them in beneficial ways for their own life, friends, associations, communities and institutions.