Welcome to J.P.'s Library

WELCOME to the online library of J.P. Moreland's content. For over thirty years, J.P. has productively created content for books, articles, public presentations and for the web. As a repository for his content, jpmoreland.com will continue to document and make available (where possible) old and new content.

Library Content Areas

Content is available in the following areas:

Bools by J.P. MorelandBOOKS: Enjoy helpful introductions and supplemental material for over two-dozen books that J.P. has authored, co-authored or edited, old and new, from technical books in philosophy to areas of theology, spirituality, and apologetics.

ARTICLES (developing): Survey and download dozens of articles that J.P's published for journals, periodicals, web notes, and chapters for books that cover a wide array of subjects related to Christianity, philosophy, theology, and culture.

AUDIO\VIDEO (developing): Experience J.P.'s teaching through several hours worth of audio/video material, which reflects his public presentations and expertise on a variety of topics over the years.

COURSE INFORMATION: Find out more info about J.P.'s courses that he teaches at Biola University.

RECOMMENDED RESOURCES & LINKS: As a further benefit to readers, learn about additional readings and resources to compliment and further your education in the areas that J.P. covers through his writing and speaking.

Find Content Written For You

J.P.'s content is also classified along the lines of three broad audiences:

  • BEGINNER: Identifies content representative of at least a High School degree level of comprehension. It is intended for a thoughtful general audience.
  • INTERMEDIATE: Identifies content representative of at least a college degree level of comprehension. It is intended for an educated general audience.
  • ADVANCED: Identifies content representative of at least a graduate degree level of comprehension. It is intended for an educated audience with specialist interests, especially in philosophy, theology and apologetics.

Find Content For Your Unique Needs

Because of J.P.'s passion, which is handsomely reflected in his award-winning book, Kingdom Triangle, his content is thematically classified in these three ways:

  • "Life of the Mind": Identifies content that encourages thinking Christianly and integratively in order to develop the mind with a biblical worldview; special emphasis on particular growth of knowledge in specific areas of philosophy, theology, apologetics, cultural discernment, and spirituality.
  • "Spiritual Formation": Identifies content that aims at developing Christian character, the heart, affections, the life and care of the soul, and the flourishing of a vision of Christian discipleship, spirituality, disciplines and practices as a follower of Jesus, obedient to the Father, in the presence of the Spirit.
  • "Power of the Kingdom": Identifies content that provides guidance for how to think and live in light of the power of the Holy Spirit, His manifest presence through various means (e.g., prophecy and words of knowledge) and His authority to extend the ministry of Jesus to us who are His disciples (e.g., power to heal, exorcise demons)

To learn more about these themes, please read Kingdom Triangle, which envisions these three areas as interrelated and yet distinguishable features; like the angles of a triangle, they lead into each other.

The concept of Kingdom Triangle is far more than a book brand or even a content classification scheme ... it is a succinct way of summarizing indispensable features of life in the Kingdom of God!