Further Recommended Resources

In the last ten years alone, there has been an explosion of information resources and training organizations intended to help people think Christianly about their world and life. Below are some "top recommended" websites for further info.

Top 20 Recommended Apologetics and Worldview Websites

  1. Reasonable Faith
  2. Stand to Reason
  3. Impact 360
  4. SeanMcDowell.com
  5. PaulCopan.com
  6. Veritas Forums
  7. Summit Ministries
  8. Maven Truth
  9. Come Reason Ministries
  10. Apologetics 315
  11. Acton Institute
  12. Ratio Christi
  13. LeeStrobel.com
  14. Apologetics.com
  15. Reasons to Believe
  16. GaryHabermas.com
  17. PeterKreeft.com
  18. BeThinking.org
  19. IntelligentDesign.org
  20. Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Top 4 Recommended Programs in Christian Philosophy and Apologetics

  1. Talbot’s M.A. in Philosophy
  2. Talbot Apologetics: M.A. in Christian ApologeticsM.A. in Science and Religion
  3. Palm Beach Atlantic University's M.A. in Philosophy of Religion
  4. Denver Seminary’s M.A. in Apologetics and Ethics 

Top 3 Recommended Philosophical Organizations

  1. Evangelical Philosophical Society
  2. Society of Christian Philosophers
  3. Notre Dame Center for Philosophy of Religion

Top 4 Recommended Spiritual Formation Programs and Resources

  1. Talbot’s Institute for Spiritual Formation
  2. Renovare
  3. Dallas Willard
  4. Westmont's Martin Institute for Christianity and Culture

Top 3 Recommended Organizations on the Power of the Holy Spirit

  1. R.T. Kendall's Ministries
  2. Sam Storms, Enjoying God Ministries
  3. Jack Deere

Top 3 Local Church Theology and Apologetics Courses

  1. Reclaiming the Mind Ministries
  2. BiblicalTraining.org
  3. ChristianCourses.com