On Hope for the Hopeless

March 15, 2011

Much of our communities seem awash in despair in light of ...

Wars and rumors of wars

Financial hardships

Famine and Floods

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Housing Foreclosures

Nuclear Meltdown

... the 24/7 news cycle!

Of course, we don't have to experience catastrophe to know despair.

Hopelessness is a leukemia of the spirit. It stagnates life.

In a recent talk at my church, Vineyard Anaheim, I spoke on the topic of hopelessness and how to deal with it.

To learn more about this talk, please click here and learn about some further resources to strengthen you and those within your care.

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One Response to 'On Hope for the Hopeless'

  1. Joe says:

    JP, this lecture is amazing. Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you are doing for the Kingdom.