J.P. Interviews with Beyond Words Radio

June 4, 2018

Enjoy J.P.'s latest interview with Dr. William Campbell on Beyond Words Radio!, originally aired May 28, 2018. From the broadcast:

Our beliefs are challenged from many directions. Every day it seems more difficult to explain to our friends, families, and neighbors what we believe and why. When our ideas and arguments fail to persuade them, what then? Is there another approach we can take? Seasoned apologist J. P. Moreland suggests the best way to win over others is with a good story. Stories have the ability to get behind our preconceptions and defenses. They appeal to the whole person rather than just to the mind.

The interview can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


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One Response to 'J.P. Interviews with Beyond Words Radio'

  1. Nonlin says:

    About Theistic Evolution/Why Science Needs Philosophy, would you be willing to evaluate a revolutionary new view on Science/Religion/Philosophy?
    If so, please see here: …/philosophy-religion-and-science/

    To summarize:
    Science = Observation + Assumptions, Facts Selection, Extrapolations, Interpretations…
    Assumptions, Facts Selection, Extrapolations, Interpretations… = Sum of Axiomatic Beliefs
    Sum of Axiomatic Beliefs = Religion …therefore,
    Science = Observation + Religion