Books that J.P. has authored, edited, or contributed articles.
  • Beyond Death

    Date Published: 1/2004

    Our book is a meaty 450+ page discussion on a whole host of issues regarding the meaning and significance of immortality and how the Christian worldview makes sense of this reality.

  • Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology

    Date Published: 6/15/2009

    This volume represents some of the foremost practitioners and influencers in contemporary analytic natural theology.

  • Body & Soul

    Date Published: 4/2000

    The perspective of Body & Soul continues to be relevant to issues in ethics and philosophical-theological anthropology.

  • Christian Perspectives on Being Human

    Date Published: 4/1993

    Christian Perspectives on Being Human hosts a stimulating discussion on how to think about human beings from the advantage point of biblical worldview integration.

  • Christianity and the Nature of Science

    Date Published: 6/1/1999

    One of the most crucial issues facing Christians living in the twenty-first century is how to think about the authority of science as a source of knowledge in relationship to other sources of knowledge, such as philosophy and theology.

  • Confident Faith

    Date Published: 10/24/2008

    “Faith” has a public relations problem; it’s come to mean many different things. This book attempts to clarify what it means to have a robust sense of Christian faith. why that matters, and how to develop it.

  • Consciousness and the Existence of God

    Date Published: 11/22/2009

    Consciousness and the Existence of God is a useful, single volume that reflects a synthesis of my perspective on the “argument from consciousness.”

  • Finding Quiet: My Story of Overcoming Anxiety and the Practices that Brought Peace

    Date Published: 05/07/2019

    In Finding Quiet, J. P. Moreland reveals his struggle with mental illness, how he discovered hope in the midst of it, and the tools that helped him to overcome anxiety and depression.

  • God Conversation

    Date Published: 11/30/2007

    The God Conversation is an invitation to come and be encouraged about how to converse well with others and to utilize handy illustrations in order to help people come to know what is real.

  • God Question

    Date Published: 1/1/2009

    I wrote The God Question with two basic types of readers in mind: thoughtful non-Christians who are willing to give the way of Jesus a fair and open hearing and Christians who are tired of “being religious.”