Books that J.P. has authored, edited, or contributed articles.
  • The God Question

    Date Published: 1/1/2009

    I wrote The God Question with two basic types of readers in mind: thoughtful non-Christians who are willing to give the way of Jesus a fair and open hearing and Christians who are tired of “being religious.”

  • The Substance of Consciousness

    Date Published: 10/24/2023

    Learn more about J. P. and Brandon Rickabaugh’s comprehensive treatment on the nature of consciousness and its implications.

  • Three Views on Creation and Evolution

    Date Published: 3/1/1999

    The question of origins, and specifically what sources of knowledge are relevant for understanding that question and how such sources should be “integrated,” is central to the Three Views on Creation and Evolution book.

  • Universals

    Date Published: 2001

    Learn more about J.P.’s philosophical views about issues in analytic ontology, especially at the core of the “problem of universals.”