Anticipating my Fall Semester

August 13, 2010

I've taught Metaphysics I for 20 years. I am looking forward to another round of it with some fresh students during my Fall semester.

But this academic year will be a little unusual for me. For I am on half sabbatical for both semesters, so that means I will be teaching one class in the fall (Metaphysics I) and one in the spring (Philosophy of Mind). I plan to do three things during my sabbatical.

First, I have 6 papers I need to write (three of them will be included in anthologies with Oxford, Blackwell, and Routledge), and three will be journal articles, one on defense of a substantial soul, one on the nature of exemplification, and one responding to Graham Oppy's critique of the argument for God's existence from irreducible consciousness.

Second, I plan to do a lot of research in metaphysics and philosophy of mind in order to develop four new electives I plan to teach over a two to three year period when I return full-time.

Third, I want to do some further reading and practicing in the spiritual disciplines, along with further reflection on the present power of God's Kingdom. In this way, my sabbatical will allow me to continue to flesh out my commitment to the three points of the Kingdom Triangle.

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