Aslan Still Roars Near and Far

October 14, 2010

In a recent Jesus Film newsletter that I received in the mail, the following, exciting account is offered:

A Muslim woman, born in a deeply Muslim-controlled country and with no knowledge of Jesus, awoke early in the morning following a dream in which Jesus appeared to her and instructed her to seek Him as the way, the truth and the life.  Troubled by the dream, she could not return to sleep, and as she was departing for work the next day, so spotted a DVD next to the road.  Shock filled her as she picked up the DVD to find that it was the Jesus Film and the picture of Jesus on the cover was the face she had seen in her dream!  That night she, along with her Muslim husband and a few Muslim neighbors, watched the film and all became followers of Jesus!  Now, there is a small, secret church in her home.

These things do not simply happen overseas.  Yesterday, in a Talbot School of Theology faculty meeting, a noted New Testament scholar shared with the faculty the following account.

A few weeks ago he met a new Biola professor and his wife who, as it turns out, had become a believer a few years ago.  She recounted that while enjoying the ocean at Huntington Beach, a man approached her, asked if she knew Jesus, and upon sharing the gospel with her, she prayed to trust Christ.  Here’s the really interesting part.  The reason she did not tell the stranger to leave was that the night before, she had a dream in which God came to her and said that the next day at the beach, someone was going to tell her about Him and that she was to listen to him.  The rest, as they say, is history.

God still appears to people in dreams and other ways.  We truly live in a supernatural world with a Supernatural God!

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5 Responses to 'Aslan Still Roars Near and Far'

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  2. Steve says:

    Is it more reasonable that these people in these stories are making up their dreams to draw attention to themselve and the cause of Christ? As a believer, I ceratinly believe God can & does speak to people in dreams, but I do not believe BECAUSE people claim to have dreams from God. I get nervous when stories like this are presented as real evidence for building faith in the people who hear them, because there’s no way to validate the claims the people in the stories above make about their own dreams.

  3. SteveC says:

    These stories are encouraging. Please continue to share them. Thanks.

  4. Mark Lefers says:

    Can you point me to more specifics about these accounts. Who specifically was this Muslim woman? What is the name of this Biola professor and his wife? Is it possible to hear directly from them?

  5. Bobby Sparks says:

    Those kind of stories are always an encouragement to me….keep sharing!