New Moreland Courses At Talbot School of Theology

March 7, 2011

Starting in Fall 2011 and Spring 2012, J.P. Moreland will be releasing two new electives at Talbot School of Theology:

THE INTELLECTUAL AND SPIRITUAL LIFE OF THE CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHER: The purpose of this course is to help the student make progress in developing a solid and integrated intellectual/spiritual life appropriate to a calling as a Christian philosopher.

METAPHYSICS 2: Advanced Studies in the Ontology of Human Persons. The purpose of the course is to expose the student to a detailed exploration of the various ways that human persons are currently ontologically analyzed, to compare those analyses to the classic ontology of human persons provided by Aristotle and Aquinas, and to locate the current analyses against the backdrop of the worldview of naturalism and Western theism.

Learn more about these courses and others by J.P. Moreland by visiting the Course Information page.

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