Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World

April 27, 2011

CONFERENCE DATE: April 29-30, 2011

CONFERENCE THEME: Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World

CONFERENCE Location: Bridgeway Christian Church (Rocklin, CA)

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Description: When you boil it down, isn't Christianity really about blind faith and mystery? That's certainly what we hear the world saying through every vehicle of the media. But it turns out to be the furthest thing from the truth.

In this fast-paced and stimulating conference, hear J.P. Moreland and other leaders in Christian thought to demonstrate that Christianity is really all about KNOWLEDGE! As the Apostle John said, we can "KNOW the truth and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32).

The very best scholarship and thinking in history, philosophy, science, and cultural studies point to the truth of the Christian worldview. This conference will help equip you to make your case for Christ in a hostile world.

Conference Location:
Bridgeway Christian Church
3735 Placer Corporate Dr
Rocklin, CA 95765

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