On Resurrection Hope in a Hopeless World

April 28, 2011

With colleagues and friends Craig Hazen and Clay Jones, J.P. was interview at Biola Now about the hope of the resurrection and the difference that it makes for a hopeless world.

You can read the full interview by going here.

Listen live to J.P.'s articulation of his views on the Gino Geraci Show on Colorado's KRKS at 3:00 pm (PDT).

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One Response to 'On Resurrection Hope in a Hopeless World'

  1. bobby says:

    hey Mr. Moreland i like hearing your lectures online – it’s just too bad there isnt enough of them – i specifically i like to hear your defense on the issue of an Afterlife/Soul is it possible you could post more lectures on those 2 subjects – or can u link me to some Defenses of an Afterlife/Soul