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December 27, 2011

Dear Visitors of,

Only a few days remain to maximize your giving to the 501c3 religious nonprofit, EIDOS Christian Center, and thereby help to fund the further development of our website's ministry ... O'h, and did I also mention that you too can benefit from your giving?

We need to raise at least $4000 more by December 31, 2011 in order to take advantage of a matching grant.

Thanks to a generous EIDOS donor, $5,000 has been pledged for every $5,000 received by December 31, 2011. So, this will ensure that the value of your donation goes beyond your own individual contribution.

Moroever, thanks to the gracious support of Biola University's Christian Apologetics Department, for every $50 or more donated, supporters will receive my CASE for CHRISTIANITY CD series. Of all my media products, I think this one will be most useful in your ministry to others. You can learn more about this series by going here.

Finally, if you donate $200 or more, I will happily offer you space on our forthcoming SUPPORTERS page to promote your name, business/ministry, and a bio about who you are. This is the least that I could do, and would like to gladly do it, and thereby promote your patronage.

Will you please consider giving $50, $100 or $300 to EIDOS? We really need your support today! Of course, any amount will be gladly accepted and stewarded.


Increasingly, people of all ages are looking for solid, Christian knowledge resources. Our website, including the work of our Associated Blog Contributors, is helping to support seekers and learners worldwide. is reaching many more lives than I could ever do alone. Within less than a year, we’ve seen over 31,000 visits to our growing website – without the distraction of advertising. And get this: we have visitors from 117 different countries, including the UK, Brazil, South Africa, Sweden, India, Japan, and even Saudi Arabia. This is no mere Southern California phenomenon!

Will you join EIDOS donors in this endeavor?


J. P. Moreland, Ph.D.

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One Response to 'Benefit from Partnering'

  1. Ecemsu says:

    Moreland was a prof of mine and I’m glad to see him saying msiethong about the (frankly) silliness of the claim made in the Hawking/Mlodinow book of course not to say that those men are not intelligent just wrong. Coming into existence from nothing isn’t the sort of thing that’s law-governed. And because of that, it’s in principle msiethong that science cannot answer. Thankfully, science isn’t the only means by which we can know facts about the world, as Moreland alludes to.This is an excellent link from one of the brightest minds around today. Thanks.