Highlights from Love Your God with All Your Mind

April 1, 2012

It's fun to see which passages are top highlights from Kindle readers of J.P.'s celebrated book, Love Your God with All Your Mind. Enjoy the below quotes (you all know that there is an anniversary edition coming out this year, right?!? Stay tuned for details ...)

  • "Religion is now viewed by many as a placebo or emotional crutch precisely because that is how we often pitch the gospel to unbelievers" (page 30). Highlighted by at least 57 Kindle users.
  • "What I do reject is the idea that science and science alone can claim to give us knowledge. This assertion - known as scientism - is patently false and, in fact, not even a claim of science, but rather, a philosophical view about science" (page 34). Highlighted by at least 52 Kindle users.
  • "As G. K. Chesterton once bemoaned, once people stop believing in God, the problem is not that they will believe nothing; rather, the problem is that they will believe anything" (page 34). Highlighted by at least 51 Kindle users.
  • "If we are going to be wise, spiritual people prepared to meet the crises of our age, we must be a studying, learning community that values the life of the mind" (page 39). Highlighted by at least 48 Kindle users.
  • "In my view, the Spirit does not help the believer understand the meaning of Scripture. Rather, He speaks to the believer's soul, convicting, comforting, opening up applications of His truth through His promptings" (page 46). Highlighted by at least 48 Kindle users.
  • "By 'reason' I mean all our faculties relevant to gaining knowledge and justifying our beliefs about different things" (page 43). Highlighted by at least 47 Kindle users.
  • "According to the Bible, developing a Christian mind is part of the very essence of discipleship unto the Lord Jesus" (page 43). Highlighted by at least 46 Kindle users.
  • "The centrality of a belief is the degree of importance the belief plays in your entire set of beliefs, that is, in your worldview" (page 74). Highlighted by at least 41 Kindle users.
  • "Tolerance has come to mean that no one is right and no one is wrong and, indeed, the very act of stating that someone else's views are immoral or incorrect is now taken to be intolerant (of course, from this same point of view, it is all right to be intolerant of those who hold to objectively true moral or religious positions)" (page 37). Highlighted by at least 40 Kindle users.
  • "Instead of responding to these attacks with a vigorous intellectual counterpunch, many believers grew suspicious of intellectual issues altogether. To be sure, Christians must rely on the Holy Spirit in their intellectual pursuits, but this does not mean they should expend no mental sweat of their own in defending the faith" (page 24). Highlighted by at least 38 Kindle users.

As a first-time or long-time reader of Love Your God With All Your Mind, which passages do you enjoy?

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