New Video Series on “The Mirror or The Mask”

August 5, 2020

Currently, there is a debate about whether or not the writers of the Gospels felt free to use a set of literary conventions allegedly widely understood in those days in which a story could be invented that was non-factual, yet illustrated something important. 

I agree with philosopher Lydia McGrew that there is no good reason to adopt this approach (see my previous post about her book, The Mirror or The Mask: Liberating the Gospels from Literary Devices).

I urge you to watch her FREE 7 part video series.  It is easy to follow and highly informative.

Lydia writes:

In my recent book, The Mirror or the Mask: Liberating the Gospels from Literary Devices, I argue that the Gospels are historical reportage. This argument involves both positive evidence for literal accuracy and arguments against the views of Michael Licona, Craig Evans, and others that the evangelists felt free to make historical changes due to the literary conventions of their time. Dr. Licona has recently released a video series in which he claims to refute my work in The Mirror or the Mask. In this series, I respond. If you're interested in more information on these issues, please see the accompanying blog posts and, most importantly, The Mirror or the Mask itself.

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