Why Most Evangelical Christians are Political Conservatives

October 11, 2020

Given this crucial time in our country - both politically and socially - it is important for Christians to have a biblical view of the role of the state and a social ethic worked out within the framework of a solid Christian worldview.  I have attempted to provide such a view in this chapter drafted for a 2021 book [in Tully Borland, Allan Hillman (eds.), Dissident Philosophers: Against the Political Current of the Academy (Roman & Littlefield, 2021)].

My paper presents a brief clarification of what an Evangelical is, and proceeds to offering two lines of reasoning concerning why most Evangelicals are ethical and political conservatives. But before I launch into these issues, I share a précis of my own journey from being utterly uninterested in politics to becoming a dissident philosopher about the secularized political group-think all around us.

You may not agree with all I say.  If you don't, all I ask is that you provide reasons for why my arguments are inadequate and present reasons on behalf of an alternative view.

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One Response to 'Why Most Evangelical Christians are Political Conservatives'

  1. Zane says:

    Thank you for posting this. It spells out what a typical Evangelical believes (or should believe!) nicely.