“Finding Quiet” and a Flourishing Mind

October 18, 2020

In this interview, J. P. Moreland discusses his own journey with anxiety and depression and how he has learned to form new habits of mind for flourishing well.

Enjoy this discussion with Vineyard Anaheim Pastor, Alan Scott and J. P. Moreland at Vineyard Anaheim.

In addition to Finding Quiet, J. P. recommends his book, Love Your God with All Your Mind (free study guide here).

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2 Responses to '“Finding Quiet” and a Flourishing Mind'

  1. Manny Jarreau says:

    Amazing interview. Thank you JP for sharing. Brought tears to my eyes. Your name just popped in my brain and it brought me to this amazing interview.

    Manny Jarreau
    Biola Class 1996

  2. Jacob Aitken says:

    Thank you, JP. Your book and the guidelines in it really helped me out.