Philosopher Lydia McGrew on “The Gospel of John as Historical Reportage”

March 10, 2021

There is a widely adapted tendency among New Testament scholars, even conservative ones, to adopt an interpretive approach to the Gospels that results, perhaps inadvertently, in weakening one’s confidence in their historical accuracy and intent.

What is befuddling is that there is an alternative approach that not only fails to exhibit this result, it also provides strong epistemic support that raises one’s confidence in Gospel historicity.

In Lydia McGrew’s The Eye of the Beholderwe are presented with a clear exposition and painstaking critique of all the major aspects of the former viewpoint along with a rigorous, detailed, persuasive case for the latter. What is also impressive and so desperately needed, is McGrew’s focus on the Gospel of John.

McGrew is a heavyweight Christian intellectual who knows her way around an argument. Her book is a tour de force that repays careful study and demands a point-by-point response equal to its rigor. What a great book!

Enjoy a video trailer for The Eye of the Beholder:

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