Beginner’s Guide to Philosophy Becomes More Resourceful!

March 15, 2021

My book with Garry DeWeese—Philosophy Made Slightly Less Difficult—has been a wonderful success and strengthened/equipped a lot of brothers and sisters.

We were approached by our publisher, InterVarsity Press, to create a new, revised and expanded version of the book. I am pleased to announce it has been released and is available on Amazon and other outlets!

The new edition is a much-improved, new and fresh version of the first one.

  • Important new material has been added to the chapter on metaphysics and epistemology.
  • Substantial rewriting of and added ideas to the chapter on philosophy of mind bring that subject up to date and deepen its impact on the reader.  
  • Two new chapters on aesthetics and beauty, and on philosophy of religion are exciting and informative.

We focused our energies on equipping, training, empowering and emboldening believers by strengthening their faith and informing their outreach (see Garry's Doing Philosophy as a Christian for a more intermediate treatment of philosophical issues).  

We have long recognized that developing a biblically based and philosophically informed Christian worldview is absolutely critical for the church, especially in our chaotic and secularized culture. We are excited to see how Jesus will use this new edition.

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