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Husserl’s Nominalism?
by J.P. Moreland


Generally speaking, students of Edmund Husserl are divided when it comes to stating his theory of universals.  Was Husserl a realist or a nominalist?

The purpose of this article is to argue that Husserl was a realist. There are a number of issues relevant to proving this point. But in my opinion, the most important issue in the debate about Husserl's view of universals is his doctrine of moments. By focusing on different ways of assaying a Husserlian moment, the main issues in the realist/nominalist debate will become clear and, I hope, the strength of the realist case will be enhanced.

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  • It offers a defense of Husserlian realism.
  • It is a helpful case study in ontology.
  • It explicates "Husserlian moments."

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