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Infanticide: What are the Issues and Options
by J.P. Moreland


It is necessary, and not optional, for Christians to think clearly and confidently about the various issues and options available in any area and opportunity of ethical deliberation. Wisdom is needed. Today, most of the moral dilemmas regarding the treatment of defective newborns (for example) occur in the neonatal intensive care units of hospitals. People with the ability to think clearly and accurately is necessary in these environments. I especially knew this first hand when I was a bioethicist for PersonaCare Nursing Homes, Inc.

This article attempts to consider the interrelationship of two main issues involved in the debate about infanticide: First, is it morally permissible to allow a defective newborn to die, and under what conditions is this permissible? Second, if it is morally permissible to permit a defective newborn to die, then is it also morally permissible actively to take the life of that newborn? My article mostly focuses on the first question in light of five major views.

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  • It offers clear thinking about how to think about relevant ethical issues, views and options regarding infanticide.
  • It models how an accurate view of human persons and their nature is useful when offering various ethical deliberations.
  • It recognizes the various, sensitive issues involved when considering emotionally-charged issues like infanticide.

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