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Intelligent Design Psychology and Evolutionary Psychology on Consciousness
by J.P. Moreland


The implications of Intelligent Design theory for the field of psychology are examined in this article, and a new field, a Christian version of intelligent Design Psychology is proposed.

Co-authored with my Biola colleague Chris Grace, we try to show why this new ID theory influenced field of psychology compares to the current naturalistic paradigm and how each describes, explains and predicts various facets of human persons that centers on consciousness and self-conscious emotions.

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  • It shows the weaknesses of a Darwinian Evolutionary psychology approach to the study of human consciousness.
  • It contributes to the literature that advances an alternative to the Darwinian naturalistic paradigm.
  • It compares/contrasts how psychology would be different in its view of consciousness if it were empowered by a Christian version of Intelligent Design Theory.

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