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Finding Quiet: Vineyard Anaheim Interview
J.P. Moreland


Enjoy an interactive interview on the backstory and themes of Finding Quiet. I - along with my dear wife, Hope - are interviewed about issues of anxiety, mental health, matters of spiritual formation. We are interviewed by our lead pastor, Alan Scott. Hope comes in at about the 10 minute mark.

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  • It encourages trust in God's means for addressing and overcoming anxiety.
  • It describes a both-and framework regarding use of medications and the indispensable role of the Holy Spirit, the relevant use of various therapies, and the importance of meditating on the presence of God.
  • It gives insights into how to present an anxious mind and body to God.
  • It offers a reliable snapshot into some of the core themes of Finding Quiet.
  • It is attentive to the social dimensions of anxiety, especially how it affects one's relationship with a spouse.

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