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Apologetics Talks from the EPS Conferences
J.P. Moreland


For a few years now, I have been a plenary speaker at the annual apologetics conference sponsored by the Evangelical Philosophical Society. These are an encouraging time where scholars can directly contribute back to the teaching ministry of a local church as they help equip Christians in a local region of the U.S. to grow in confidence about what they believe and why. Every year is a different city (to learn more, sign-up for the free e-newsletter of the EPS), and a new opportunity for people to become acquainted with what God is doing these days among Christian philosophers, apologists, New Testament scholars, theologians, etc.

Below is further info about some of my talks at the conferences since 2003.

"Argument from Consciousness for God's Existence."

This emerging and cutting-edge argument for the existence of God attempts to show that theism, compared to naturalism, better explains the existence of consciousness, the existence of other minds and souls. I provide reasons, evidence and important examples for this argument.

"The Nature of Human Persons."

I try to show how to think about the nature of human persons from a philosophical-theology standpoint in a Christian worldview.

"Has the American Church Lost Her Mind?"

This talk exhorts Christians to recapture the life and health of Christian thinking for the sake of sound, practical living.

"Truth, Christianity and the Postmodern Turn."

I try to show how some particular philosophical, postmodern assumptions challenge a Christian view of truth and knowledge.

"Love Your God With All Your Mind."

Is the "head" against the "heart"? Is Christian life and witness only about knowing the correct beliefs? Is it only about having passionate affections for God? Learn how Christian discipleship involves the formation of the mind and heart under the care, leadership and authority of Jesus.

"Why Christian Knowledge Matters for Your Mind, Your Heart, and Your Life."

This talk attempts to show how Christian knowledge is indispensable to our formation in Christ, and how Christian apologetics is able to uniquely form confidence in Christ and strengthen our witness for His cause in the culture.

"A Kingdom Vision for Christian Apologetics."

A theology of the Kingdom of God is the best context for thinking about apologetics ministry, leadership and influence. This talk attempts to supply a vision for these endeavors.

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  • It provides an accessible introduction to important topics in apologetics and philosophy.
  • It is intended for a non-specialist audience.
  • It offers encouragement concerning how Christianity is true.

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