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How to Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others
J.P. Moreland


With two main exceptions, the habit of comparing ourselves to others is a destructive, depressing spiral. Those exceptions occur when we are seeking someone to imitate to improve in some area of our lives or we are seeking to help someone change their behaviors in an area where we are more developed than the person.

But most acts of comparison are not helpful. We do this sort of thing for two reasons: to get our significance needs met and to get our belonging needs met.

Regarding the former, acts of comparison usually lead to our putting others or ourselves down. The solution from I Cor 4:1-5 is to practice the art of living before an audience of One--the Lord Himself--and gaining our significance from our growth in discipleship unto him.

Regarding the latter, acts of comparison usually lead to our isolation, loneliness and withdrawal. The solution from I Cor 12:4-7 is to practice the art of seeing ourselves on a team with a unique, special role to play. In both of these ways, we become people free of destructive comparisons.

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  • It offers winsome advice on dealing with how you compare yourselves to others.
  • It shows how the Christian wisdom tradition is effectual for everyday life.
  • It will help you to be a more effective person that serves the well-being of others.

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