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Making 2009 a Success
J.P. Moreland


What is the biggest hindrance to us flourishing in an upcoming year? Perhaps its not merely just the speed at which our lives accelerate due to busyness, etc. The biggest challenge that I face every year is what I call, "drift": simply letting your habits, schedule and routines turn me into a passive consumer. For many of us, our default position at the beginning of a year is to simply let "life happen" to us.

Overcoming the inertia of drift is the single biggest factor that we have to overcome each year.

Much of this "overcoming" involves picking the right goal for the right reason and staying focused.

My talk attempts to unpack this and much more in light of a reflection on Philippians 3:13-15.

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  • It provides fresh and fruitful insight for how to think about your life at the end of a year while realistically anticipating an upcoming year.
  • It helps to make pastoral and personal sense of Paul's counsel in Philippians 3:13-15.
  • It moves beyond cheap and simplistic "New Year resolution" thinking and offers a more humane vision of goal setting and human flourishing.

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