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Naturalism, the Crisis of the Soul, and the Affects on Culture
J.P. Moreland


In 2007, I was invited to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to deliver two talks on the meaning and consequence of worldview naturalism.

In the first talk, I describe naturalism and its relationship to physicalism, explain the loss of the reality of irreducible consciousness and a substantial soul in a naturalist framework, and provided the contours for a defense of a dualist view of consciousness and the soul.

In the second talk, I explain how naturalism has a corrosive effect on culture in the areas of knowledge (scientism) and normative areas (especially ethics and aesthetics). Among those corrosive effects are the limitations of knowledge to empirical science, the denial of robust human freedom, and the reduction of normative disciplines to purely factual, even emotive domains of discourse.

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  • It provides a discerning perspective of how naturalism has consequences.
  • It shows how philosophical reflection can come to bear on how worldviews have impact in society.
  • It is a smart snapshot of the thesis found in The Recalcitrant Imago Dei.

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