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On the Gift of Prophecy
J.P. Moreland


In this talk, J.P. discusses a number of confusions about the New Testament teaching and practice of prophesy, words of knowledge and words of wisdom.  He seeks to clarify some of this by discussing what prophesy is, who can engage in it, what its purpose is, and what is the responsibility of those who receive it.

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  • It offers a helpful perspective on how to think about the contemporary relevancy of prophecy.
  • It is a handy introduction to an often confusing topic.
  • It provides actual examples of how giving and receiving prophetic words can happen freely and with order.

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2 Responses to 'On the Gift of Prophecy'

  1. Steve Castlen says:

    Thank you so much for this message. It was something I needed to hear. I have been struggling with this issue and what you spoke about touched me deeply. I have not heard anyone with your apologetic and philosophical credentials address this topic from this perspective. God is truely using you J.P. Please continue to speak on these Spirit related subjects. Lastly, do you have any talks or articles on the gift of toungues? God Bless…and the new website is terrific.

  2. Andreas says:

    This was really a encouriching message. It was really good to hear someone with such an intelectual power speak about something not concerning the intelect as much. And I just must say that I think you guys have made a really good work with the design of the homepage, it looks great. Now just fill it with the work fo JP and I will be reading and listening for hours!

    /Andreas from Sweden