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The God Who Hides
J.P. Moreland


Any discussion about what it means to know God or interact with Him must seriously take into consideration the "hiddenness" of God.

It is obviously desirable to experience answers to prayer and other cases of the manifest presence of God. But what many people do not realize is that is is part of the NORMAL Christian life to experience the absence or hiddenness of God.

Yes, such an absence can be due to sin or some other neglect on the part of the pilgrim. But that need not be the case. Starting with Genesis 3 through the Incarnation and spread of the Kingdom, I show, biblically that God's absence/hiddenness is an important, God-initiated way our loving God deals with us regularly. I also explain two reasons why God would do such a thing to His followers, and close with three reminders to take into consideration when one is not experiencing God's manifest presence in a regular way.

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  • It will strengthen your faith in God and how He relates to you.
  • It will bring clarity and soundness of thinking to an area that can otherwise be confusing and complicated.
  • It will enlarge your sense of what is "normal" in the life of a Christian.

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  1. sue rushton says:

    i can not seem to ind or access the message on the God who hides..could u help ?thank u