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Correcting the Strawmen: Why Most Evangelical Christians are Political Conservatives
by J.P. Moreland

  • Title: Correcting the Strawmen: Why Most Evangelical Christians are Political Conservatives
  • Date: 10/03/2020
  • Source: A chapter in Tully Borland, Allan Hillman (eds.), Dissident Philosophers: Against the Political Current of the Academy (Roman & Littlefield, 2021).
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Given this crucial time in our country - both politically and socially - it is important for Christians to have a biblical view of the role of the state and a social ethic worked out within the framework of a solid Christian worldview.  I have attempted to provide such a view in this chapter drafted for a 2021 book (uncorrected proof).

My paper presents a brief clarification of what an Evangelical is, and proceeds to offering two lines of reasoning concerning why most Evangelicals are ethical and political conservatives. But before I launch into these issues, I share a précis of my own journey from being utterly uninterested in politics to becoming a dissident philosopher about the secularized political group-think all around us.

You may not agree with all I say.  If you don't, all I ask is that you provide reasons for why my arguments are inadequate and present reasons on behalf of an alternative view.

From an "Equal Justice" interview, J.P. discusses themes of his paper.

  • What is Metaphysics and Why Does it Matter? 2:53
  • Christian Metaphysics and the Human Person 6:22
  • The Image of God best grounds Equal Justice 9:46
  • Is there a difference between the Image of God and the Human Soul? 17:08
  • How is this different from the Black Lives Matter Movement? 24:55
  • What is Neo-Marxism? 31:18
  • How Much does Reason and Pastoral Care Play into this Conversation? 41:37
  • How do you have Conversations with Angry People? 51:38


  • It offers theological-philosophical reasons for why Evangelicals are likely to be political conservatives.
  • It reasons with Christian social thought.
  • It seeks to approach political philosophical issues independent of secular group think.

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