Audio and video content from J.P. along with recorded media.
  • Apologetics Talks from the EPS Conferences


    A helpful collection of mp3 audio from past apologetics conferences sponsored by the Evangelical Philosophical Society

  • The God Question


    The question of God’s existence is central to understanding meaning and purpose in life. This talk provides some direction with how to think about this important matter from the standpoint of Christians evidences

  • How to Maintain a Peace of Mind


    Do you have an agitated mind? Are you owned by a particular kind of anxiety? This talk provides insight and direction into how to think about such a life and how to compose and quiet your mind and heart before God.

  • How Do I Know God is Real?


    Interested seekers want to know how a Christian can claim that God is real. This talk provides some simple reasons and evidences toward that end.

  • The God Who Hides


    How should we think and act when it seems like God “hides” from us? In this talk, J.P. offers both empathy and insight about how to relate to God in this way and why He may be “absent.”

  • Naturalism, the Crisis of the Soul, and the Affects on Culture


    In two powerful talks, J.P. speaks about the corrosive effects of naturalism on culture and on the human soul

  • On the Promises and Problems of Petitionary Prayer


    Learn from J.P. about the value of prayer and why God does not answer all of our prayers.

  • Case for Christianity

    In four, clearly communicated talks, J.P. resources listeners with answers for some of the toughest challenge that skeptics raise against Christianity.

  • On the Gift of Prophecy


    In this talk, J.P. discusses a number of confusions about the New Testament teaching and practice of prophesy, words of knowledge and words of wisdom.  He seeks to clarify some of this by discussing what prophesy is, who can engage in it, what its purpose is, and what is the responsibility of those who receive it. Related […]

  • J.P. Moreland’s intent for Kingdom Triangle


    Here, J.P. talks about his heart’s desire to see the ideas presented in Kingdom Triangle become widespread within Christendom and why these are so important to the church today.