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Intelligent Design Psychology vs. Evolutionary Psychology
by J.P. Moreland


Evolutionary psychology is in vogue, especially as it relates to the ever-growing area of "consciousness studies."

But not all psychologists or scientists buy the Darwinian evolutionary psychology paradigm. Some of these scholars promote the basic assumptions of what has come to be known as the "Intelligent Design (ID) movement.".

ID theory both challenges the naturalistic evolutionary account of life and proposes and alternative scientific research program. Its aim is to investigate the natural world for evidence of divine causes and to detect patterns or fingerprints of an intelligent designer.

This article attempts how the core assumptions of the Intelligent Design movement apply to the field of psychology and then to compare intelligent design psychology (IDP), specifically, a Christian version of IDP (IDPC), with its chief rival, evolutionary psychology (EP), specifically, a naturalistic version of EP (EPN). After providing some preliminary remarks about scientific research programs and scientific theory assessment, I attempt to sketch out some of the details of IDPC and contrast it with EPN. Along the way, I draw out various explanatory or predictive issues relevant to comparing the two, and provide an occasional critique of EPN.

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  • It contributes to the literature that advances an alternative to the Darwinian naturalistic paradigm.
  • It compares/contrasts how psychology would be different if it were empowered by a Christian version of Intelligent Design Theory.
  • It shows care for the various integration issues between science and theology interests.

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