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Thinking Christianly Podcast: Dallas Willard, Husserl, and the Future of Spiritual Formation
J.P. Moreland


In a recent episode of the Thinking Christianly podcast, Stan Wallace and I discuss the life, scholarship, and legacy of Dallas Willard. We also share thoughts on spiritual formation gleaned from Dallas.

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Benefits: Important topics discussed include:

  • The work of Dallas Willard in his academic vocation as a philosopher.
  • Why metaphysics and epistemology are essential to the messages Willard.
  • Why Dallas' study and translation of Edmund Husserl is so important.
  • The legacy of Dallas and his ideas have inspired people to continue promoting his ideas.
  • Dallas' hopes for future scholarship and predictions for challenges ahead.
  • Insights from Dallas on spiritual disciplines leading to spiritual formation.
  • How to avoid being satisfied with “Church-ianity.”
  • Thoughts on being faithful to your calling when tempted to be discouraged.

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