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Thinking Christianly Podcast: Edmund Husserl as a Case Study
J.P. Moreland


In recent episodes of the Thinking Christianly podcast, Stan Wallace and I discuss the importance of Edmund Husserl.

We dialogue about the following topics . . .

From the May 15th episode:

  • Who Edmund Husserl is and why his work matters to Christians.
  • How commitment to the truth lead us to be counter-cultural.
  • How we can be faithful through lonely and challenging times.
  • Unexpected ways God uses the seeds we plant to bring Him glory.
  • How Husserl’s philosophical insights help shape our understanding of what is true, good, and beautiful.

From the June 15th episode:

  • Why it is important to do work that doesn’t specifically address the cultural moment.
  • How to faithfully push back against false cultural assumptions.
  • The story of saving the works of Husserl and other Jewish scholars from Nazi tyranny.
  • Why we should honor, preserve, and build on ideas passed down from others.
  • The role of the next generation in taking up the mantle of Christian thought.
  • The art of seeking long term objectives and why it’s critical that we do.



  • Offers important biographical survey of Husserl's work.
  • Reflects on the significance of being faithful to the truth as a counter-cultural practice.
  • Underscores the importance of 'next generation' training of Christian thought leaders.

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