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Thinking Christianly Podcast: Knowledge in an Age of Skepticism
J.P. Moreland


In a recent episode of the Thinking Christianly podcast, Stan Wallace and I discuss the problem of skepticism and how there has become a cultural obsession with a narrow definition of certainty.

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Benefits: Important topics include:

  • What is skepticism? How did it become a cultural “virtue”?
  • Why doubting everything is more dangerous than you think
  • What are the different forms of skepticism?
  • How should we engage with different kinds of skeptics?
  • How can a broad understanding of the history of ideas benefit us when addressing skepticism?
  • Is there a legitimate place for skepticism?
  • What is the Problem of the Criterion?
  • What is the difference between the 'methodist' epistemological approach and the 'particularist' approach to the Problem of the Criterion?
  • Why should we reflect on the way we engage with knowledge claims?
  • The big three categories in philosophical thought: What is real? What can we know? What should we do?

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