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Thinking Christianly Podcast on Metaphysics
J.P. Moreland


What is real? This has been a defining question in our modern era. How should a thinking Christian answer this question? Stan Wallace and I describe the foundational beliefs and distinctions necessary for addressing this central issue in grace and truth.

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Benefits: Important conversation on

  • What is a property? What are some examples of properties? How is this question related to what truth is, the Incarnation, and so much more?
  • Why is it not commonplace to assume properties exist? How underlying assumptions impact beliefs about what is real.
  • What is a “universal”? How do we experience universals and why would a person reject them?
  • What is the difference between physicalism and naturalism? How are they similar? What would people with these views of reality believe to be real?
  • Why do some believers reject universals on theological grounds? Are they right?
  • What is nominalism? What are the various types of nominalists?
  • Why is it important to work hard at understanding ideas that don’t seem to have immediate practical value?

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